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The renovated New Dodoma Hotel now stands 114 years old having been first erected by Germans in the year 1904 as a resting point for the Kaiser of German on his way to Ujiji during the inauguration of the Railway line from Dar es Salaam to Ujiji via Dodoma, but later the British colonies converted the Rest House to a Railway Hotel for the Tanzania Government to inherit after independence.

The Hotel was acquired on 17th of October 2002 through privatization by worldwide management a company associated to Estate Trading Ltd. Owners of the Blue Pearl Hotel and Apartments, Beachcomber hotel and Resort, Urban Rose hotel and Apartments and our New Hotel at Mbweni in Zanzibar under construction.

Featuring multiple air-conditioned conference rooms, elegant bedrooms, Wi-Fi internet, garden courtyard, swimming pool and room service, The New Dodoma Hotel is the perfect destination for your stay. Our renowned restaurants cater to all tastes, serving up a delicious variety of Barbeque, Chinese, Indian, Italian and continental dishes from 7am until 11pm.